EBook Writing
EBook Writing

In this new information age, electronic books are becoming a popular way to relay information. There are thousands of non-fiction subjects that can make a great eBook, including health and fitness, careers, and making money.

Whatever your subject, developing an eBook can be a great way to generate residual income. Once the book is created, it can continue to sell on the internet for as long as you desire. This means profit.

Even better, you can take much of the effort away from yourself by hiring a professional to write your eBook. A one-time writing fee will pay off in the end.

I have experience writing eBooks, including several under my own name: The 30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover, The Complete Eyebrow Guide and 50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful.

By hiring me, you’ll get someone with:

  • years of writing experience.
  • direct experience working with all aspects of the eBook creation method. Cialis
  • the experience to get the job done right the first time.
  • Experience publishing on both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

“Honestly, I was incredibly impressed. With over 30 pages, The Complete Eyebrow Guide is truly a helpful, practical and comprehensive guide on how to create stunning eyebrows. In particular, I loved the fact that it included step-by-step instructions, pictures and was so easy-to-follow – no tricky business here, my sweets!”

- Corrine L., Miss Corrine

EBook Writing Rates

My eBook writing rates are on a flat fee based on aspects such as the number of pages, subject of the book and other factors.

The rates reflect ghostwritten eBooks, giving you full copyright ownership upon successful full payment. It also includes two free rewrites (although I doubt you’ll need them.)

Hire Me!

Interested in using my eBook writing services? You can contact me two different ways.


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